Regional Office of Education #9
Champaign - Ford Counties

Programs: Juvenile Detention Center

     The Regional Office Of Education contracts with the Urbana School District #116 to assume educational duties for detainees at the Champaign County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). The new 40-bed detention center opened in September 2000.

     Fifteen school districts within Champaign County have signed an agreement that recognizes instruction at JDC as a school attendance center. The school districts within Champaign County accept make-up work for their students who are detained for a short-term. For those detainees serving a longer term, the Education Department at JDC issues transcript back to the home school for the work completed. The Education Department provides schooling for six hours a day and has an approved curriculum that is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.

     There is also a six week summer school program offered in June and July. The half-day program focuses on remediation skills in Reading, Writing and Math.

     In addition to providing the core academic subjects, all students with Individualized Education Plans receive instruction with a certified special education teacher.

     The Director of Alternative Education for the Regional Office Of Education oversees the Education Department for JDC.


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