Professional Educator License with Stipulations (PELS)

Paraprofessional Educator

What is a Professional Educator License with Stipulations-Paraprofessional?

It is the license you need to be a teacher’s aide/teaching assistant/paraprofessional in an Illinois public school. Illinois is replacing its certification system with a licensure system. If you hold a TAS-N (Teacher Aide State & No Child Left Behind Approval), you will automatically receive the Professional Educator License with Stipulations-Paraprofessional (PELS-Professional) on 6/30/2013.   


Do I have to pay anything for this license?  You will not pay an application fee if you hold a TAS-N approval on 6/30/2013. You will pay a $51.75 registration fee to cover the five-year period, 7/1/2013 through 6/30/2018.


When is my registration fee due?  Your registration fee of $51.75 must be paid before the PELS-Paraprofessional will be valid, so you should pay between July 1 2013, and the start of the 2013-14 school year. You must register your PELS within 6 months or it will lapse.


What if I do not register my PELS-Professional?  As of 03/15/2013, we understand that an unregistered PELS-Paraprofessional will lapse if not registered in 6 months of issuance, and you will have to pay $500 or take 9 semester hours of credit to reinstate it.


Do I have to take a test to get the PELS-Professional?  If you hold a TAS-N on 6/30/2013, you will receive your PELS-Professional automatically. You will not have to take a test to get the license nor to renew the license.


In 2018, what will I have to do to renew my PELS-Professional?  You will pay the registration fee for the next five years on ELIS (Educator License Information System) at and your next renewal will be 2023.


Do I have to take classes or earn CPDUs like teachers to renew my license?  There are no professional development requirements for renewal for holders of PELS-Paraprofessional.


Do I come to the ROE to renew my license?  The ROE can assist you, but all transactions will be on ELIS starting 6/30/3123.


What happens if I have TA or TAS, but not TAS-N?  You will receive a TA approval and will be able to work in non-Title I positions. This approval will not expire and does not need to be registered. No TA or TAS approvals will be issued to new applicants after 6/30/2013.


How will I be able to get a PELS-Professional after 7/1/2013?  You will apply online on ELIS. Your will need an official transcript showing an associate’s degree or higher and a $75 application fee, payable by credit card only.


What if I don’t have an associate’s degree or higher?  You can take and pass the Work Keys Informational Reading, Math, and Business Writing Exam or the ETS Para-Pro Exam and provide proof of high school graduation, or you can qualify with 60 college semester hours and proof of high school graduation.


Where can I get my questions about PELS-Paraprofessional answered?  You can contact Barb Keil, Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education, at 217.893.3219 or  




Last Updated: April 17, 2013