Illinois Substitute License

Conversion from certificates 06/30/2013 (anticipated)


  • Valid Type 39 Substitute Certificates will automatically become renewable Illinois Substitute Licenses with a 5-year validity period.
  • All Type 39 Substitute certificates that are valid on the date of conversion will become Substitute Licenses that expire on 06/30/2018.  Holder will pay additional registration fee from the current expiration year to 2018. Registration will be done on what is now known as ECS, Education Certification System, which will become ELIS, Educator Licensure System.  The exact web address for ELIS will be available upon conversion.
  • Anticipated additional registration fee calculation: The difference between current expiration date and 2018, times $10 per year:

Type 39 Expires


Payment on ELIS

Registration will lapse if not paid by:

2013 - Must re-apply


January 1, 2014


2018-2014 = 4

$40 by 06/30/14

January 1, 2015


2018-2015 = 3

$30 by 06/30/15

January 1, 2016


2018-2016 = 2

$20 by 06/30/16

January 1, 2017


  • New with Licensure:   The anticipated cost to reinstate a lapsed substitute license is $500 or 9 semester hours credit.
  • Registration Fee is paid to the Regional Office of Education in the first county the license is registered in.  A substitute license holder will no longer be required to pay a registration fee in each County.
  • Renewal of Substitute License: For the first renewal of a Substitute License, the holder of the license will have to take and pass a test of basic skills.  The first year the test is needed for renewal will be 2018.  Contact the ROE for further testing information.
  • Lapsed Teaching Certificate: If an educator has a teaching, school service personnel or administrative certificate or license that has lapsed, a substitute license will not be issued after licensure begins, and an existing license over a lapsed professional educator license or certificate will not be renewed in 2018.
  • Valid Professional Educator License-Teacher: If an educator holds a valid teaching license registered with the county in which they teach, a substitute license is not needed to substitute in that county.        



Further information will be available from the Champaign/Ford County Regional Office, 217-893-3219, visit our website or email Barb Keil at




Last Updated: August 16, 2013